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2018 - the year in review

  • Dec. 30th, 2018 at 1:49 PM

So what a year it has been!

I Did Things, Went Places, Had Adventures and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Reading back over previous posts it appears I did far more this last year than in the previous 3! Norfolk was the first adventure, going somewhere I'd never been before (and totally trusting the satnav). I can still recall my reaction when I drove round a corner to be confronted with a beautifully renovated windmill, with sails! I have a vague feeling I might have seen it before on Escape to the Country - it looked that familiar.

Then in July I went into geek-mode with the General Lee (still annoyed with the photographer telling me to lower my chin so in the photo I look like I've got multiple chins :( ).

September saw me heading off to yet another previously un-visited part of the country - Scotland! And the great news is I'm definitely going back next year to find all those wildcat statues! And visit more of the castles around the place. And the Isle of Skye properly instead of a quick trip to the waterfront looking back at the mainland and then back over the bridge again!

However, life has been interesting in other ways, relating to work. I've still got my fantastic job - they'll have to carry me out of there in a pine box! But I've been struggling for a good portion of the year, and it's only now that I've figured out why, once the person who unknowingly caused the problem finished up about 3 weeks ago - she was filling in for a colleague on maternity leave. She was good at her job, mostly, when she was there. But it was her attitude and sense of importance which reminded me of Mr DM and completely unconsciously I reverted into defence mode, very subdued and with minimal oomph. I certainly didn't lose enthusiasm for my interests and hobbies and I was looking after myself, but I simply didn't have the energy to do anything. Definitely not depressed!

So she left and I have slowly begun to pick up, and in the week before Christmas did more work per day than I had in the previous few months. I no longer feel I'm drowning in paperwork and hopefully will stay bobbing on the surface in the new year.

They are not getting a replacement for her - we had two contractors the past year and both of them were not a good fit but we had no other options. Both are gone, we are happier (my co-worker commented that she came to work walking on egg-shells not knowing what kind of mood Madam would be in, if she deigned to come to work that day) and we are looking into options for getting someone as my backup for when I am on leave - this was part of the problem too, no-one to cover me apart from dealing with emails so I'd come back to a pile of work! If I'd had plenty of oomph that would not have been a problem.

So I am starting to charge along again, have started plotting what has turned out to be the prequel to The Novel so I'm not going to push getting that published until the prequel is done, in case things change (which is quite likely).The editing business is quiet - waiting for an author to get permission to quote some lines from a song - I think he'll be waiting a long time - but 2019 I'm going to start pushing it. Speaking of which, I should be checking out links to put on my website for authors!

Catch you all Next Year!



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