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Extremely remiss..

  • Jun. 28th, 2018 at 10:59 PM
Ummm, well, I did say (two years ago) I was going to be more proactive in posting in here, and it was only because Mr DM mentioned that I hadn't posted when he rang me yesterday to wish me Happy Birthday that I realised I haven't been posting in here!

Too much life happening!

I still don't have a good bloke to look after me in my dotage but I'm not looking. I did sign up for a short while with an online dating agency and very swiftly decided it was not for me. That's the trouble with being the age I am but not wanting to be with someone who is also my age or thereabouts - they're all too old! I've got too much life and geekiness in me to settle with someone who thinks his life is over. And I definitely don't want to settle for someone who really only wants a housekeeper!

So, what have I been up to in the last 2 years? Plenty! I kicked my editing business off again last year and so far have only had 2 clients but that's okay. I've made my courtyard look flipping fantastic with plant stands and a lovely little water feature that the birds and local cats love drinking out of, the fences got fixed!!! Even the back one which was leaning into my courtyard... I kept moaning about it on a regular basis and finally the owners of number 69 admitted responsibility for that fence and conned their tenant into fixing it.

My workplace is fabulous - so much respect and acknowledgement of the effort I put in - we had a couple of hiccups with the payroll files which meant an entire morning spent inputting each payment individually online! The first time was the hardest because I had to verify every single person, but the second time went a bit quicker. As a thank you, I got two very nice bonuses in my pay packet - bank balance much appreciative.

Last week I took myself off to Norfolk for a week in a caravan sans cat and sans sister who I love dearly but who drives me bonkers if we're away together for more than a couple of nights. We are so different in personality and I sometimes feel that the year I spent living with her has affected my oomph - it's a regular thing to spend half of Sunday slumped in front of the TV watching Doctor Who when I want to DO things. I shall have to have another stern talk with myself and get my act together.

Health-wise I'm reasonably good. My knees are giving me some grief, especially the left one, with arthritis. Also the middle finger on my right hand, although the last couple of days it's been okay. I have registered with a surgery and it took the NHS SIX MONTHS to get me a number - they kept trying to 'find' me from my previous surgery when I was a kid until I reminded them that my record would have been shredded by now as all medical records weren't computerised until 1987!

I have learned to drive in snow! We had a really big storm back in March - at 4pm the boss said go home as it was just starting to snow properly so we all bailed out and the next morning much whiteness was observed and kept on falling.

I did promise way back after I'd moved into this house to put up photos and it seems I never did. So there's a bunch of snow pictures from what was called the Beast from the East and then some nice sunny ones of my courtyard.

I know I've got some photos of the inside of the house but I can't seem to locate them at the moment... and as it is nearly 11pm it's well past time I should be asleep.



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