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Very remiss..

  • May. 17th, 2016 at 9:37 PM
I have been horrendously remiss in not posting in here... but that's going to change.

I attended a workshop yesterday evening which has given my mojo a big kick up the bum. I've been very slack, or so I keep telling myself, but after driving the equivalent of Sydney GPO to Albury and back the week before last (550kms or thereabouts each way), on my own, wildly trusting my brand new scarily intelligent satnav, I think I have breached the barrier.

I no longer feel that I have to have permission to do things. I was absolutely terrified of the drive down at first... the butterflies in my stomach were the size of 747s... but once I got onto the motorway I relaxed and remembered that I do like long drives. Then of course the satnav decided to be clever and cut a particular corner off - instant freak out and quick detour through the carpark of a university and then a 'oh well, might as well trust it as I have no idea where I actually am' and I followed its instructions. When I looked at the map later (I had a road atlas with me too!) I realised it did cut off a decent sized corner so in future I will follow that route on the way down, but coming back I'll go the way that is the cut off corner simply because getting back on the A1 via the shortcut at peak hour is not recommended.

A couple of minor scenic detours on the A30 down in Devon had me going in circles for a while until I swore at the satnav and got back on the main road... then coming back I completely bamboozled it by turning left instead of right and kept insisting on staying on the road I was on until it eventually conceded defeat and let me get back to the A30 the better, if longer, way. Going down it had taken me on the quickest route but it was a B road and pretty ghastly (and involved a couple more scenic detours).

I'm loving my job... today I had an incident with an evil bottle of stamp pad ink. Ink went everywhere (luckily the bulk of it onto the stamp pad but the rest all over my desk - fantastic spatter pattern for a CSI operative to examine). Back where I was working in Oz everyone would have tut-tutted at my very australian expletive and left me to sort out the mess by myself. Here? One co-worker handed me a stack of paper napkins to mop up the mess and a spray bottle of citrus cleaner, the department boss laughed and said 'oops' and my immediate boss was worried the ink had splashed on my clothes (it hadn't).

I feel totally at home, both at work and at home. Still got a few bits and pieces to sort out and tidy up, but as I said to my sister, it may not be my house but it is my home and if the landlords happened to stop by and see what I've done in the courtyard they'd be quite pleased. If only they would get the fences fixed!!! My sole complaint now about the place.

So my life has definitely improved out of sight... now all I have to do is find a good bloke who will look after me in my dotage and not mind my craziness.


aeriedraconia wrote:
May. 18th, 2016 12:42 am (UTC)
I'm so glad things are working out so well for you and that you're happy and thriving! Yay you!
dawtheminstrel wrote:
May. 18th, 2016 11:00 am (UTC)
Glad to hear life is looking up.
eneit wrote:
May. 18th, 2016 11:22 am (UTC)
More good news to read *hugs*



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