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  • Aug. 7th, 2013 at 4:37 PM
I'm here in the UK, finally. My flight that said it was going from Brisbane to Dubai went via Singapore, slightly unexpected but good in one way. My seat was one in from the aisle in a row of 4 seats - and no-one else was sitting there so for the first leg, mostly, I was able to stretch out fully and sleep properly... for one hour when a crew member slammed the tray table open by my head "to have a tasty snack". Gah - this was beyond ridiculous because it was ONE AM! So I dutifully ate said tasty snack (which was tasty) and went back to sleep. Managed another 4 hours and then brekkie arrived. And a young woman I'd exchanged smiles with at the airport who moved from her seat and stretched out on the further 2 seats in my row. So no more comfy sleep for me. I made the mistake of watching a movie and paid for it with a stinking headache most of the rest of the day.

Singapore was only 1.5 hrs but when we got back on the plane I had company so definitely no more comfy sleep. What sleep I did get resulted in a slightly misaligned jaw which sorted itself out on the Saturday night after a solid sleep where I was so relaxed it realigned itself... and I learned that alcohol and jetlag do not play nicely together... unless you've got a misaligned jaw that needs total relaxation to fix!

My sister (Sue) and one of her grand-daughters met me at Heathrow. Amy is a typical 17-yr old, totally focussed on her phone!

Saturday my niece who's just had her 7th child arrived with various of her kids in tow then that night we went to another of my niece's party where I caught up with eldest sister (who now lives in a care facility), her ex (!), all but one of my other nieces, none of my nephews (doubt I will get to see them this trip) and a whole bunch of other people. Had a great time and managed to leave my sunnies on the garden table!

Then Sunday we went grocery shopping, met up with missing niece and her little boy then as we were wandering around we bumped into Sue's ex!

It's been a full-on family reunion the last few days!



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